The Official Female Founders in Tech – Italy List!

We are particularly excited to present you all something we’ve been working on during these last few weeks: The Official Female Founders in Tech – Italy List!

The list comprises more than 50 tech female entrepreneurs from Italy, who are working on their startups within mobile, fashion, entertainment  biotech, green, engineering and many other industries.

In the Slideshare you will read their stories and the company’s profile. Many of them have studied and worked abroad, and are now back in Italy to develop their business ideas. They are founders and co-founders, CEO and CTO, many are business people, others are developers and designers. They are passionate and ambitious women, who are working hard to succeed and change the rules in industries where men often hold  the highest roles.

We worked hard to include all the Female Founders in Tech we could think of. However this is the very first List: we will periodically update it with new tech founders and startuppers. We are confident many more are around and we want to share their stories too!

Now, let us introduce you to the 50+ Female Founders in Tech – Italy! 

[slideshare id=23934637&doc=girlsintech-130705031317-phpapp02]

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  2. Adriana Gascoigne Reply
    Ladies of Girls in Tech Italy! We're so proud of the organization's expansion efforts in Italy. Through this official "Female Founders in Tech" list you're underscoring the entrepreneurial achievements, activity and potential for women in that side of the world. As an increasing demographic around the world, women in tech can help collaborate, motivate and inspire other women to take the bull by the horns and build something that they are passionate about. Through a solid network, relevant curriculum, mentorship opportunities and technological resources, we will continue to grow in Italy and worldwide. Thank you for your efforts and interests in being the change agents of present time and in the future. All my best, Adriana
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